Too much Pork.

We had a really good rest day in Krabi, where we went to a secluded beach called Railay Beach. There are no roads into the beach because of the mountainous terrain so you have to catch a boat. The mountains are right up to the waters edge and beautiful for rock climbing.  We all had a climb and Allister and Robert really got to enjoy their fitness and agility but Patrick surprised me the most by volunteering to do the highest climb first. He was a little overwhelmed, once or twice, but he got to the top and when he reached the bottom again he received a round of applause from the other climbers. 

Today’s cycle had more rest stops than usual because Allister was not feeling 100%. He is blaming it on the hugh portion of Pork he ate at the markets last night.  

The man in black in this photo made the assumption that we were hungry and he invited us to a feast.  We followed him to a community hall and was served a bunch of dishes that we didn’t order. At the time we thought it was a large community restaurant but after a little while we realised it was a funeral.  We didn’t take any photos out of respect to the people involved but it was an amazing community gathering.  They even have firecrackers going off to mark the occasion.  I have told the boys that I want firecrackers at my funeral. 

2 thoughts on “Too much Pork.”

  1. I still remember the boat touts crying “Railay, Railay, Railay!” the whole time we were at Ton Sai many years ago. The climbing looks amazing. And what an experience to be uninvited guests at a funeral. Fire crackers sound like a great way to leave. Darcy tried to leave a message for Paddy but had writers’ block once he sat down at the keyboard. He liked the look of the mud, a lot!

    1. Both Patrick and I can identify with Darcy. As a kid I could spend hours trying to work out what to write on post card.

      How is your Achilles tendon going? I noticed you are back to running a little.

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