Day 24 – La Ngu to Thung Yao

Today’s ride was up there with the best so far. We started the ride with limestone outcrops on both sides of road.

After about 5kms on the main road we headed down a side road that promised to be shorter and quieter. As the road went it got narrower and rougher, until it ended up more like a rocky walking path. However, it was extremely quiet with only rubber plantation farmers seen along the way it made for a welcome break compared to yesterday.

Once we joined back with the main road we past many signs for caves and waterfalls. The limestone outcrops makes for amazing geological formations, so we visited as many as possible along the way. The caves with rivers running through them were the highlight and also a welcome cool relief.

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Water and Caves.

Beautiful day cycling past limestone cliffs and water caves. We stopped at a couple of the caves.  The first was a temple with monks attending to the caves. The second was a tunnel sea cave that was 4 km long and ended at the ocean. The third was a fresh water cave that we could not resist swimming in. The water was cold and such a contrast to the air temperature. 

We could not find a food stall for quite a long distance today but eventually we came across a lady selling fried banana and sweet potato.  She sent her husband for ice and made us cold drinks.  It was lovely.  

The boys are not the only ones getting asked for selfies. Very unexpectedly, I was asked by a bunch of guy’s if they could have a photo. I assumed they wanted a photo of the bikes so I stepped out of the shot. Before I knew it they were crowding around me for a photo.  

In the afternoon we hired a driver to take us around.  We ended up at the most beautiful waterfall I have ever seen. The source is a fresh water spring rising up through the limestone.  Over years and years the dissolved limestone in the water has created these ‘candle wax’ pools. Stunning. 

Day 23 – Satun to La Ngu

Unexciting ride along a highway all day. The big advantage was the shoulder was so wide we could ride side by side. Also, the road was in good condition, so we made good time with an average of 20kph. 

When we called into a 7eleven to purchase a Thai SIM card the boys were treated like a boy band with all the female workers crooning over them and taking pictures. 

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Day 22 – Kuala Teriang to Satun

Rode back to the ferry terminal in Kuah. The highlight of the day was riding through the rice paddy fields and then  finding a nice restaurant in rain forest for morning tea.

After taking the ferry to Thailand, we arrived in the middle of torrential rain. It was raining so hard the windows of the ferry looked like waterfalls. Luckily, the rain mostly subsided while we were unloading the bikes, so we weren’t completely drenched. 

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We have reached Thailand!!!

Pretty much a month from when we arrived in Singapore we have made it to Thailand. I will miss the Roti Canai for breakfast in Malaysia but I will not miss the roads and pot holes. Thailand roads are so much better, we cycled 50km today with a dedicated motorbike and bicycle lane the whole way. The people are super friendly too. Both the boys have been hugged and had selfies taken with random people already.

The girls from the local 7/11 came out of the shop and posed with both of the boys but I think they wanted to get a photo with Robert mostly. He has had about 10 people tell us how handsome he is already in Thailand. He obviously has the ‘Thai’ look. I think Patrick is relieved it is not him getting all of the attention. I would have thought the blue eyes would win the girls attention but they seem to be too interested in Robert to notice.

Tomorrows cycle should be a good one. We will be cycling past some caves. We plan on stopping and exploring them. This area seems to have a lot of limestone cliffs as you can see in this photo of the local Tesco.

Cable car 

Yesterday we cycled from our accommodation to the cable car in Langkawi. The cable car takes you 700 meters up a mountain and you can see the most amazing views.

The boys had more fun playing in the fountain out the front of the ticket office.


Being celebrities 

We have not told you about it much but it has got to a point now where it is just beyond funny. 

When we are cycling around we are being asked if people can take photos of us or if they can take a selfie with us. 

The guy in this photo stopped us on the road to take a photo of us and when he tried he couldn’t get the camera working on his phone. Allister helped him work it out and he was very happy with the photo he took. 

Butterfly guest house

We cycled through the centre of Langkawi yesterday. For such a touristy island we were surprised to find a place called hidden valley. It was beautiful. Only locals and rice paddies. We arrived at the west side of the island and decided to stay at a guest house with basic facilities but really lovely owners and location.