Coming home

After a lot discussion we have decided to come home.  Cycling across five countries in four months has been the trip of a lifetime but we have all reach a pointed where we are ready to come home. It is interesting the things that you start to miss when you have been away from home for so long. I actually miss cooking which is really strange because I don’t like cooking. I miss work and my friends.

The other reason for the change of plans is that the next destination that we had planned to cycle was Korea. With Trump and Kim Jong-Un not getting along at the moment, we don’t think it is a good idea to head in that direction.

The boys jumped for joy when we told them that they would be back to school at the beginning of term.

10 thoughts on “Coming home”

  1. Good decision. If you’re over it, you’re over it. (We were like that after 7 months in Central/South America – all ruined out. )

  2. We have so enjoyed your daily blog and seeing what you’ve been up to, you are all so incredibly adventurous and so courageous….high five ✋ PS when you sit down to a lamb roast think of us ????

  3. Sounds like a street party or deck one when you get home! Anticipated arrival? Also enjoyed the blog. We’ll have Matt on a tour soon to fill some gaps. Just enjoyed a spa and buckwheat blackberry pancake, even with some cream. Great health retreat here, highly recommend. Mxxxx

  4. Yay! Darcy very excited to have Paddy coming home. Such a big achievement to have come as far as you have. Look forward to seeing you all back in Denmark soon.

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