We are a family embarking on a trip through South East Asia on tandem bicycles.

The members of the group are:


Husband, Father, Coder, Teacher, Cyclist, Tennis Player, Firefighter.


I am a Podiatrist and a mother of two boys (12 and 9 yrs old). We live in the idyllic town of Denmark in Western Australia. I have always wanted to take my family on a challenging character building adventure. I believe that there is only a small window of opportunity where your children and old enough to enjoy and remember the adventure but young enough that missing 6 months of school will not be too detrimental to their educations. This is that window.

We are taking our two Bike Friday tandems to Singapore and we are planning on cycling to South Korea.

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  1. Hello we meet you on our bikes close to the sea today.We where on the road to Kuala Selangor. (Eddy and Diane from Belgium). After looking on internet I found a connection to you (Julie Glynn -podiatrist-Denmark-W.Australia) and finaly to your family blog.
    Hopely we can connect now?

    1. Thanks for looking us up. It was great to see some other touring cyclists. Pity we weren’t going the same direction. Keep in touch and look us up when you make it to Australia.

  2. hello there, just read your blog. I am the sister of Ronan who you cycled with yesterday. glad to see he is enjoying himself there and not missing little ole Dublin, Ireland too much.

  3. Hi guys! We saw a recent post of yours on FB (Warmshowers? Tandem Bicycles? Not sure). Anyway, we are also Australians and we took our two kids cycle touring for six months in Europe last year. It was an amazing experience, and one you will never forget, whatever challenges the day-to-day throws at you. Our kids now look at the photos with such nostalgia and pride, it’s like they’ve completely forgotten the times they were too cold, too hot, too tired, too bored. Make the most of it! You will not regret this!

    1. Thanks so much for the comments. It is so great to hear another family is as crazy/inspired as us. The boys are loving it, but miss their friends the most. If you are ever touring our way then look us up.

  4. Hi Julie, just found the blog address you left with me. Have had a quick look at your adventures and see you are having the most amazing time. I can see a book coming up, even if for just the family (snapfish.com) if you can’t do it yourself). We’re off to Sydney for a wedding but will certainly get back to reading more of your adventures. The boys are so lucky to have parents like you both, it will be something they remember forever. Bev x

  5. So happy you are all enjoying the experiences…we’ve really enjoyed reading your comments and seeing the fantastic photos . So thanks for taking us with you !!
    Keep ” havin’ fun ” , take care and we’ll see you when you get back to work Julie …..

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