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Rock hopping to the waterfall 

Yesterday we stayed at a campground and we noticed a waterfall in the mountains.  There was a road in the right direction but in the end we had to rock hop to get to the top. It got too late so we had to turn back. We got back early so we had time to explore.  There was a bridge over the river, so we decided to go up the path. It just went up and up and up until we really ran out of time.

Weird bike

Yesterday we went into a camping store and out the front there was this bike on display but it didn’t look like it was for sale.  We went inside the shop and found the bike for sale. I don’t know how you would ride it.

There was also a CAT phone and there was a video of how tough the phone was. They leaned the phone on a rock and drove a steam roller over it 5 times but it did break a little bit.

New Purchases

We saw a Starbucks’ and rode a bit past it and we decided to go back for a morning tea break.  We we stopped to turnaround we saw a bike store. So we went inside to have a look because we needed a some new things. I needed a new bell because my horn got lost in Cambodia. So I looked at all the bells and there was a big shiny bell that caught my eye. It was really loud, which is good for attracting attention, so we bought it.

A little after Robert and I saw a toy store, so got Mum and Dad to stop and we ran back to the store. I got three new BeyBlades. One called El Drago, another called T-Rex and the third one called Mercury Anubius.

Symbiosis seen on trip

This picture is a tree in a tree in a tree. The trees get more rotting leaves to feed off. The trees would catch more rain water. It is a symbiotic relationship.

We have also seen birds sitting on cows backs. The bird gets bugs to eat and hair put in its nest from the cow. The cow gets a clean back and a back scratch from the bird.


Snapping metal 

Today, the part of the bike that holds dad’s seat snapped.  So we had to  adjust the bike so that it would work. Robert was hoping that it could not be fixed and we would have to get a taxi.  We talk about what injuries dad would have got if we were cycling downhil. Some of the injuries we imaged sounded painful.