Reoccurring Sounds of Taiwan

As we have been cycling around Taiwan there have been some memorable reoccurring sounds.

Wherever you go in Taiwan you here the below music.

It seems like they have rubbish pickup every day and late into the evening in some locations. Instead of leaving rubbish out for garbos to collect it, the locals are triggered by the music to bring their rubbish out to the truck and put it in themselves. What is most disconcerting about the loud music is that it is very similar to the Mr Whippy ice-cream  van music that used to bring us out to the streets as kids.

The other sounds we heard all over the country were parades, which are a mixture of blaring music and firecracker. The Taiwanese seem to have a calendar full of significant days they like to celebrate with a parade. As you can see from the footage below it is very noisy and freaks out Julie and the boys.


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