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we found gold!

We decided to go to a hot water spring up a gorge. It was very hard.  I hated it. 24km later we arrived at the hot water spring. The water was very nice and warm but it was not worth it.

Then we noticed that there was gold in the water. So we collected it. After we realised that it was actually fools gold.

The hot springs.

After going up hundreds of Hills we finally arrived at our destination. At first they offered us a very expensive room.

But then we found the perfect one and it came with a deal. A free hot springs. They were awesome there were four different types of hot spings a very very cold pool a hot one a boiling one and a nice one.

The nice one “was what I felt was the perfect temperature” but bab thought the boiling one was the best they were awesome.

Science museum!

Today we went to a cool science museum. We were there for ages, I think we were there for five hours, because there was a lot of awesome exhibits.

There was even a massive slide what was 8 stores high. It would have been awesome but it was too much money so we did not go on it.

My favourite exhibit was a train exhibit. It had lots of cool simulators. My favorite was a plane simulator. It was funny because Patrick kept on crashing the plane.


The last place we stayed at was a school. It was great fun. I had lots of things to do and it was all free to stay there in our tent.

When the school kids arrived way packed up our tent and the principal got us to play with them. One of the things that we played was a Diabolo. It was awesome.

When we were about to leave one of the teachers come up to me and gave me a Diabolo. So I got all the teachers to sign it. It is a lot if fun.

Beyblades 6!

Taiwan have a lot of cool stuff and the occasional Beyblade witch is good. One time Patrick and I got heavy launchers they are awesome. But our stadium is getting damaged and is cracking.

One time we got the heavy launchers the shop owner was very happy.

P.S. the ones under the launcher and real and the ones above the launcher are fake.



Where we staying tonight has a natural pool and lots of cool Bungalows. The one we and staying in is circular shaped and has two bunk beds. Patrick and I are on the top and Mom and Dad are on the bottom beds.

Beyblades 4

When we were in Trat, we went out to dinner at the night market, which is famous for it’s great food. Of course, Patty and I were looking out for any toy stores. We found one with Beyblades. When we asked how much it is to buy one of them, the store owner told us he was a wholesaler and that we had to buy the whole sheet of them. Patrick and I did not think we were going to get all six of them. As we were walking away, Mum pulled out money and bought them. We were very excited and surprised.

P.S. I Thank all my viewers for sending me a :-).

beyblades 3

Early in the morning today, me and Patrick decided to get up early to do some beyblades. It is so much fun because we have so many now.

We also got a Beyblade Arena. It is yellow and much stronger than all the other ones that we keep breaking.

When we were nearing our hotel we noticed a store that sold beyblades. We begged mom to see how much money they would be, eventually she let us and they were cheap enough, so we bought them.

But Patrick’s one was dodgy and broke in half.
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Beyblades 2!

This is an update on Beyblades 1. Whenever we have a rest day Patrick and I go looking for Beyblades. If we do find some, Mum will only get them if we bargain for them. It hard to get them.

Patrick and I have 5 each now. We have so many they don’t all fit in the arena any more. We have to makeshift with things we find in the places we are staying because we don’t have one of out on.