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Dad realized that we were running out of Vegemite and we had to get some more but we couldn’t because we’re in Thailand. We’ve been using Vegemite on 7-Eleven bread. I am hoping that someone will send us some Vegemite.

Rotting Rubber 

Today the roads we rode on all smelled like rotting rubber. Rotting rubber smells so bad I vomited. Rubber is the sap of a tree and they take off the bark and make a line down to a bucket which collects the rubber. Then they put it into piles and wait for a truck to come and pick it up. IT STINKS!!!!!!!


This is me standing next to a kilometer sign to Port Dickson.

Yesterday, Julie led us to a military base.There were military guys standing with machine guns and two tanks at the front. When we got to the hotel the beach was beautiful.