Day 1 – We finally started our SE Asia Tour

After all the blood, sweat, yelling  and tears we are finally on the road. 

We chose a slightly longer route to ride via the Singapore foreshore. It was raining, so we almost had the 5 meter wide cycle path to ourselves.

25 kms laterwe got to the Singapore ferry terminal.

We were a little worried when we saw the size of the ferry, but the crew did an amazing job of fitting the tandems on and didn’t even bat an eyelid when they saw the bikes.

The ferry ride was uneventful and both boys fell asleep. The Malaysian ferry terminal is in the middle of nowhere, so once we left it’s confines it felt like we were by ourselves in the middle of the jungle.

For 25 kms there were no shops and very little traffic. We ended up having lunch on the side of the road from our own reserves.

The quiet road joined to a busy road in the middle of construction. It was narrow and in terrible condition, so we only lasted about 100m until construction workers indicated we should cycle on the new partially built road.

It saved our bacon. Some sections were brand new bitumen, while others were a muddy mess, but the workers didn’t seem to mind us riding on it.

To see our ride stats in more detail see:

3 thoughts on “Day 1 – We finally started our SE Asia Tour”

  1. Wet, grey and cloudy here for three days. Reading. Loving the pics and story so far on the few kms. Enjoy good fortune and empty roads. Mx

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