8 thoughts on “Jack Fruit ”

  1. Stava said 59, but well done all of you. Nellie and I enjoyed our river walk. Still cloudy here. Preparing for late night tomorrow! NM x

  2. We just caught up on all your blog posts and really enjoyed them. Wish we could be there (although not for Allister’s”shortcuts”????)
    Wishing you lots of tailwinds and waffles, Jules n Megs

    1. Thanks for the feedback. You both should come and meet us for a section. I promise to let you be the navigators ????

  3. Well done you guys .. Been following your posts .. Thanks so much for the regular updates. Denmark is super busy .. Cheers

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I am sure the posts will slow down as the trip progesses. From the looks of Strava, everybody in Denmark have been having fast rides.

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