Huge day of unexpected events

This morning we woke up to the sound of our air conditioner going full force and cars racing by on the street below our hotel room. We woke up thinking we had a pretty easy day to look forward to. We packed up quickly and headed out for a 5 km ride to the local train station in Kulai. When we arrived, we were asked if our bikes folded up? I explained that they did but not easily. The train master said “fold them up or no ride the train”. We spent a quick 30 minutes dismantling the bikes into three awkward pieces each, 8 panniers and a bag of bottles. This created quite a scene at the small train platform. Lots of locals were gathering to watch the crazy westerners.

When the train arrived it was action stations. The 4 of us and three train attendants madly trying to get all of our stuff on the train.  We got it all on but we filled up one of the door wells so nobody could use that exit. The other passengers on the train did not seem to mind.  The trip was uneventful except that in the chaos I had not been able to have my morning coffee. I had been thinking about giving up coffee during this trip so I just went with it. The headache was not so bad but I did want to scream at Allister on about 3 occasions.Totally my overreaction to him being perfect. 

When the train arrived at Tampin, we unloaded all of our stuff onto the platform. It was quite easy putting the bikes back together on the platform and before we knew it we were on our way again.

When we arrived at the area that our accommodation was in we realised that our map was not detailed enough to find the house we needed. Allister was happy to just cycle around until he stumbled across it but I decided to ask a local. Luckily we met some really nice ladies who walked us to our house. They have invited us out tonight to see the fire works with them but it will be very late and the boys are already arguing so I am not sure if they will go. Allister seems keen but he will be asleep on the couch by 7pm.

Easy 30km ride to Malacca tomorrow with the plan to stay two nights.


3 thoughts on “Huge day of unexpected events”

  1. I know the giving up caffeine headache. I hope you succeed with that goal. Well done for not screaming at Allister.
    Love Susan

    1. Only reason I didn’t scream at Allister was because I didn’t want the locals to think we were crazier that they already did.

  2. Wow what a day! Well done all of you for 2016. The train ride sounds memorable. Had party in gazebo and now washing up. Good group out to party and bbq. Hope fireworks are good. Thanks for all the chat.

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