Rain, puddles, grit and heat stroke.

We have not had WiFi for a couple of days so there is a lot of stories to tell. 

Yesterday it rained and rained and rained. We were all soaked through, and I am talking about every nook and cranny was wet. Due to all of the puddles, we were also covered in grit. For 35km it rained, then suddenly it stopped and the sun came out with avengeance. It was hot. Really really hot. The black bitumen was like a stove top. The boys were going strong but I developed a headache that made me nauseated. I pushed through but with only 5km from our destination, I started to not be able to see properly.  The boys were great.  They poured water on my head while Allister rode ahead to get a cold drink for me.  I had to stop three times in the last 5km but we finally made it to the most beautiful spot so far. Umang-Umang Chalet  (baby turtle chalet). Right on the beach with mangrove trees all around.  Really lovely. I floated in the ocean until my headache subsided. 

During our ride yesterday we also tried another short cut. It was all looking really good until we were stopped by soldiers with guns.  We were told that we were not allowed to proceed because it was a military base. We had to ride all the way back to the main road. This time it was my fault.  Maps.me advised us to not go that way but I could see that the road went through. It did, but it was a no go zone. 

One thing I have noticed is that the further we get away from Johor, the friendlier people have become.  People are constantly waving, smiling and calling out greatings. It is really nice. 

Malacca was an interesting city with a rich history and welcoming to tourists.  The river running through the center of town is like a canal in Europe with building foundations defining the banks of the river.  We had a rest day in Malacca and rather than rest the boys wanted to do something. We talked about the different touristy things to do but in the end we decided on ten pin bowling. We caught an Uber for the first time and travelled 12km out of the city to have two games of bowls. What fun!!

Until our next WiFi. 


4 thoughts on “Rain, puddles, grit and heat stroke.”

  1. Well.. this is perfect. I’m enjoying your holiday from prone position on the lounge and you are doing all the hard work. Keep up the blogging family.

  2. What a marvellous time. Glad your men looked after you, friendly people waving now, cool drinks and swim. Reminds me of our hot ride into Torquay several summers ago. 32 here today walked along river.

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