Cycling to Kuala Selangor

The day started out like a normal cycling day. Up early and on the road by 7.30am . We waved goodbye to our Warm Showers host, Chung and headed out of Port Klang. The roads were not too busy being a Sunday but there were no clouds and the sun was beating down hard.

Using, we were able to travel on side roads most of the day. I was the lead for the first half of the day. This means that Robert and I are at the front and we are responsible for the directions. So, we cruised along quite nicely until I started to get a headache and Allister took the lead. The sun was really high in the sky and there was no shade so we chose to stay as close to the coast as possible with the hope of a sea breeze.

We did get a sea breeze but we also got gravel, sand patches, deep, deep black and smelly mud. We also had close encounters dogs, lizards, Komodo Dragons, snakes and a horde of monkeys.  When I say horde, I’m talking around 30 of all different size monkeys crossing the path about 3 meters in front of us. Luckily all of the animals have been more scared of us than we are of them but I must admit that when I cycled within 10 cm of the snake I nearly did number 2’s in my knicks. 



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