Day 12 – Sungai Besa to Bagan Datuk

It was a long hot day, but we are all getting stronger and acclimatised to the conditions. No head aches or melt downs or I can’t go any further, which is a credit to everyone in such tough conditions. 

We taught the boys 500 (card game) at the beginning of the cycling and they are becoming quite accomplished in their play and strategies. The highlight of the day was stopping at a small community (Kedai makan rashid) restaurant for a break just before noon. Nobody spoke English, but they were so welcoming and very positive. We played 500 for about half an hour and helped ourselves to the food on table (based on an honour system). When I went to pay we had eaten eight different things and it came to 2 RM ($0.67).

In the afternoon Robert and I went in search to organise a boat trip for tomorrow. We were unsuccessful in that, but our driver took us to a monument in the middle of nowhere, where their King takes a shower (where Robert’s right hand id pointing).

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