Epic day


 I don’t know how we did it but we did. 

It all started this morning from Simpang. We left after an interrupted nights sleep. Two men were sitting in the reception area having a loud conversation.  Our room was just down the hall and their voices echoed down to our room. At 3am I lost my cool and yelled at them. I had to yell at them 4 times and go out into the corridor and stare at them before they stopped talking. The most annoying part was that the two men talking were the hotel night staff. 

We hit the road and had a good ride to the next town of Selama. When we arrived we realised that it was not really a town, more like a collection of building with the highlight being a 7/11. We found a Chinese restaurant were the waitress spoke pretty good English.  We had a nice lunch of mee ayam sup and orange juice ice. 

At lunch we checked out the hotel situation on Google.  The hotel situation was not good. We started looking further afield for a place to stay the night. We talked it out with the boys and it was decided that we would venture on to the next town of Kulim, 30km away. We broke the cycle up into 10km chunks and at around the 19km mark it started raining.  It was lovely and cool.  None of us cared that we were getting covered in mud and grit. There was one beautiful hill that we had to cycle up along the way.  It was so steep and remote, the jungle was beautiful and there was a clean babbling brook flowing along the road side. 


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  1. Hard to understand hotel night staff being so thoughtless. Drunk or just bad? Good ride and lunch after all. Met Maryin S today re changes to kitchen and en suite. He is following your ride toop. Xx

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