Water and Caves.

Beautiful day cycling past limestone cliffs and water caves. We stopped at a couple of the caves.  The first was a temple with monks attending to the caves. The second was a tunnel sea cave that was 4 km long and ended at the ocean. The third was a fresh water cave that we could not resist swimming in. The water was cold and such a contrast to the air temperature. 

We could not find a food stall for quite a long distance today but eventually we came across a lady selling fried banana and sweet potato.  She sent her husband for ice and made us cold drinks.  It was lovely.  

The boys are not the only ones getting asked for selfies. Very unexpectedly, I was asked by a bunch of guy’s if they could have a photo. I assumed they wanted a photo of the bikes so I stepped out of the shot. Before I knew it they were crowding around me for a photo.  

In the afternoon we hired a driver to take us around.  We ended up at the most beautiful waterfall I have ever seen. The source is a fresh water spring rising up through the limestone.  Over years and years the dissolved limestone in the water has created these ‘candle wax’ pools. Stunning. 

2 thoughts on “Water and Caves.”

    1. Yeah, it also beats the one we did in Laos. Robert and I climbed to the source of the waterfall. All the water was coming out of a little cave in the side of the hill. We ventured into the cave until it was too dark. Pity we didn’t have a light and camera. The water was crystal clear and there were little fish and crustaceans swimming about. The most amazing thing was that we were the only people there.

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