Day 26 – Trang to Wang Wiset

Back on the bikes again after a rest day island hopping and snorkeling. Very quiet morning on the road. We took a back road, which happened to be a four lane highway with a wide shoulder, but almost no traffic early on a Sunday morning after Chinese New Year. Took a while to find a stop for morning tea. Came across a little shop that had plenty of animals around. If you zoom in on the thatched roof you can see a tenacious chicken searching for bugs.

Took another break to explore a cave via boat. It was pretty tame to start with, where we had to lie back to avoid hitting our heads on the cave roof. Much of the cave had been closed because of flooding and had only been reopened a few days earlier. The guide could tell we were adventurous, so took us out via the Dragon Run. It involved 350 metres of all of us lying on our backs, including the guides. The cave became so narrow and low that the guides used their hands on the roof to guide and propel the boat. At points the stalactites were rubbing on our prone bodies. Luckily the tour has been keeping us trim, because we couldn’t have been any wider. The ride topped any theme park ride for excitement and exhilaration.

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