Hellish day

As you would have read in Allister and Patrick’s posts, we had a pretty hellish day yesterday. It started out like any other lovely day cycling in Asia but a short time into the ride I saw a green hose across the side of the road in front of me. My first thought was “that is a very bright green hose” my next thought was “holy shit, it’s a really long green snake and there is no way I can dodge it”. As I rode over it, it coiled up and hit me in the knee but luckily missed Robert all together. Adrenalin kept me pedaling hard for a while after that.

It must be bad luck to ride over a snake because the rest of the day was torturous. The following photos show the tale.

Starting out on the short cut. Ok limestone road. Smiles all round.

Patrick pouring cold water over Allister’s head to cool him down at the first bridge we discovered.

The second bridge made from wooden beams.

Track getting narrower and nearly unrideable.

Bikes and Patrick lost in the jungles of Thailand.

45 minutes and 3 km of torture pushing the bikes through thorny jungle later. We reached a muddy track.

8km and a little bit of hysteria we reached civilisation.


6 thoughts on “Hellish day”

  1. Biking Legends!! What tales. We are worrying about what classes our kids are in and you are takkling snakes and impenetrable jungle.
    Thanks for the updates.. lovin them.
    Wonder if there will be a movie made.

  2. Been slow to catch up with party and visitors. And there you were having all those adventures. Glad you’re safe intrepid travellers! Movie wood be good. Denmark will have debt and no second bridge!

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