Somewhere on the island of Samui.

I booked us into a very highly rated bungalow style accommodation on the southern coast of Samui. It’s hard to know what the surrounding area will be like when you have never been there before but if someone has bothered to build accommodation, you assume it must have something to offer.  As we cycled to our accommodation today the roads got quieter and we ended up in a remote place just inland from the coast. The bungalows are ok but the French couple who own them are lovely. 

We headed out for dinner thinking we were going to have to cycle a fair way to find a place to eat but just down the road we found a British sports bar. They had a large tv playing the rugby and a free pool table.  Not the type of place we would normally choose but tonight it was perfect. Allister wished we had been here a couple of nights ago when the tennis final was on. 

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