On a trip like this you expect to have ups and downs.  I always knew that there would be times when we would not get along. You only hope that the good times out weigh the bad. 

What I find the most puzzling is why the boys take it in turns to be naughty.  If Robert is giving me grief then Patrick is an angel.  If Patrick is being contrary then Robert is behaving like the perfect young man I want him to be. 

There is no break from them either.  No time out. No friends for them to run off and play with.  You have to be a parent but you also have to be a replacement best friend when they need you to be. We cycled past a private school today and it was tempting to drop them off. As much as it is challenging, I feel closer to both of them than I have in a long time. 

2 thoughts on “Children”

  1. Awww sweet! When we went O.S. in 2015 we lived in each other’s pockets for 4 weeks and I was pleasantly surprised to rediscover that I enjoy the company of my husband and children. Having said that, it would have been much harder if they were RJ & Patrick’s age.

  2. Traveling together for a long time is certainly demanding work. Little escape and lots of competition. Have a day off away sometime if possible!

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