Day 33 – Ko Samui to Donsak

The ride today was split in half by a ferry ride from Ko Samui to Donsak. We were all well rested and feeling good so the ride progressed ahead of time and was relaxed. It was also one of the rare times we back tracked, so we didn’t need a map to return back to the ferry. It gave us a chance to take a picture of a natural tunnel like section of road.

After the ferry ride, the route to our accommodation was via busy road. After an enforced 2 hour break because of the ferry ride Julie and Robert set a cracking pace and we got to the resort in about an hour. The resort had a working orchid farm and restaurant. It was also included a large swing that gave hours of fun and exercise.

The photo below is for my Mum, who loves orchids and her grand children.

There was also a river running around the property. We went down to investigate whether we could swim, but the boys got distracted by the mud. Nothing like watching children play, especially in the natural environment.


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4 thoughts on “Day 33 – Ko Samui to Donsak”

  1. Yes love the Robert mud squelch and muddy Paddy. Thanks would like to stay at orchid farm. What sort of food from orchids? If any!

    1. I don’t think there was anything on the menu related to orchids, but it is hard to read Thai and in non international tourist areas people don’t speak English.

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