Head wind hell!

We left our homestay this morning with high hopes that the wind had died. The homestay was tucked away in a palm plantation so it was very protected but not even the tops of the palms were moving when we left.  As we got out on the road we realised the wind had not stopped.  

Riding into the wind feels like you are going up hill all day.  If you then have to go uphill as well, it feels like someone tied a brick to your bike and you are dragging it along. 

Without too much nashing of teeth, we reached our 55km that we had set ourselves.  We started looking for an hotel but because we had reached a beach side tourist strip, we could not find one at a reasonable price.  In the end we cycled 70km before we found a guesthouse with a room available at a reasonable price.  The only downside is we are going to have to share one kingsize bed between the four of us. I think we are all so tired after 70km riding into strong headwinds, we could be sleeping in a single bed together and we would all still sleep well. 

The boys did have enough energy to brave the choppy ocean. Both boys got dumped, they loved it. 

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