Gross picture.  Do not read if you are squeamish.

Rain did not stop us.

Pot holes did not stop us.

Wild dogs did not stop us. 

Jungle paths did not stop us. 

Broken spokes did not stop us. 

Bridges washed away did not stop us. 

Head winds did not stop us.

But this has.

We went for a swim yesterday afternoon and Allister stood on something nasty.  

I dressed it last night and then reassessed it this morning.  There was some pus and signs of infection. I put my Podiatry foot down and have advised on 4 days of rest to allow it to heal. So we have organised transport to Hua Hin to be closer to the Bangkok Hospital if we need it. 

We are disappointed that we have missed out on some great coast cycling but it is what it is. We are also running low on our visas so we are planning on going to the Hua Hin immigation office on Monday to apply for an extension. 

13 thoughts on “Gross picture.  Do not read if you are squeamish.”

  1. It’s only shredded on one side of the foot. He can still push the pedal with the other side of the foot. I think you’re being too soft. haha

    1. That’s what I thought as well, but when I got up the morning after and couldn’t walk to the bathroom, I took Julie’s professional advice. I suppose I should count myself as lucky, if you are going to injure a body part, I injured the best one for a foot doctor.

    1. Thanks for that. Hope it heals quickly as well. I was really enjoying the cycling, so it is hard to enjoy the enforced rest. Especially because I can’t be on my feet. You know how I like to spend my rest days. Robert was just as disappointed when he realised I couldn’t go climbing with him.

  2. Ouch! What did you step on?!! I’m currently worlds away at a bday surprise visit to a day spa….I’m finding it very easy to relax!!

    1. I stepped on a coral covered rock that was in water about knee high. Because of all the wind there was no visibility. Everywhere else I stood was beach sand, so it was quite a surprise. Happy Birthday! Relax and enjoy, you have earned it.

  3. Hi guys. Following your trip with interest, great adventures you are having and all in good spirits, even through the tough times (or is that an act!) Great to read the boys’ blogs and I look forward to talking to Patrick sbout his travels. We’re studying food chains and webs in Science Patrick so maybe you can find some examples of food chains in Asia. Here’s a challenge-find an example of a symbiotic relationship!
    Alistair I hope your foot is healing well and you are not in too much pain. You should know that Bradley is handling our computers admirably with a smile on his face and a great sense of accomplishment, despite the fact that a storm seemed to blow up a few ports. He has nothing but praise for your thorough training.
    Happy pedalling!

    1. Hi Jenni,
      Thanks so much for commenting and reading the blog. As you know with your adventures, the tough times are what makes a trip so memorable.
      Also, thanks for the info on food chains. Be on the look out for a blog from Patrick on food chains and symbiosis in the coming weeks. Patrick created a Scratch Jr animation on the scientific method, so he should be full bottle on that when he returns.
      My foot is healing well and I should be able to start riding again tomorrow. We will test it out on a short ride to the immigration office to renew our visas.
      It is great to hear that Bradley is doing so well. It is a major achievement to get all the IT back up and running at the start of the school year and something he should be proud of. I am glad the handover has worked out so well.

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