Amazing day.

Today we had our usual 50 km planned but it was broken into three convenient section.  Last night we stayed in a remote beach hotel. There was no shops and very few restaurants.  We have been purchasing all of our staple foods from 7-Eleven’s. There is a 7-Eleven around every corner in Asia, except last night.  We were running out of bread and had no apple juice or fruit left. We checked on the map and the closest 7-Eleven was 15km further down the road. We decided to eat what was left of our food and then just cycle straight to the 7-eleven for morning tea. 

We also planned on visiting a waterfall on the ride today. The waterfall was a perfect 18km from the 7-eleven.  When we arrived there we were the only foreigners.  There must have been 200 Thai’s and us. It was amazing. 

As you can see in the next photo. We were not the only animals swimming in the water. 

There were hundreds of carp. They were harmless but they did bite a little bit.  

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