Day 54 – Veal Rinh to Kampot

Pretty much highway the whole way today with no choice for side rides. However, highways in Cambodia aren’t quite the same as the previous countries. No shoulder in sections or the shoulder is gravel, single lane with on coming traffic overtaking with no consideration to us (get off road quick) and sections that are all gravel. On the bright side they aren’t nearly as busy either.

We got up early and were on the road by 7am to avoid the heat and head winds. We made good progress and cycled 20kms by 8am.  At that time the roads were quiet and cool. Deliveries of ice and bread being made by people on scooters. We bought some fresh bread and Patrick polished off a couple of rolls in no time.

Just after our first break we started to follow the mountain range. Below is a temple with a view of the mountain range in the background. There was 5km section of road that was gravel and there were times that visibility was down to less than 5 metres. After that section we all had a thick coating of light brown dust.

The cows are free to roam anywhere in Cambodia. It freaked me out at first, but he cows seem unconcerned by bikes and mostly move out of the way slowly.

Met another great couple of tourers from Belgium going the opposite way.

Then another couple of Chillian’s arrived on their touring bikes at our accommodation. It was very relaxed compared to a chat on the side of the road, so were were able to share many stories. They even hung out with the boys while Julie and I went into Kampot for dinner and book our rest day trip of climbing and caving.

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