Day 55 – Kampot to Kep

Nice short day. Had a relaxed breakfast with Camila and Matias, Chilean cycle tourers. It was sad to part ways because we had an instant connection through touring and similar experiences. Hopefully we will cross paths again because we are going similar countries.

Speaking about that we stopped by Kep markets while cycling through Kep and bumped into Manuela and Julien, cycle tourers we met in Penang. It is amazing to think what the chances of bumping into them would be. We have travelled about 2000km over 45 days since last seeing them.

The old bridge in Kampot only allows two wheeled vehicles so it was a nice relaxed bridge to stop on and take pictures.

There was a very wide road entering into Kep that had mountain on one side and ocean on the other.

Being a Sunday it was very busy along the esplanade of Kep, with many locals having picnics on the side of the road. As a car would drive by, people who wanted to rent out their picnic space would jump out onto the road furiously gesturing for them to use their space. For some reason they ignored us while we rode by, presumably because we were on bikes.

Check out my ride on Strava:

4 thoughts on “Day 55 – Kampot to Kep”

  1. just had a scroll through the blog guys. some great times there and a few hard moments as well. Such a cool (well mostly humid) trip. glad to see the bikes are mostly holding together and presumably the legs are too.

    Go well for the rest of it and I’ll check in again soon


    1. Hey Dave, Glad you checked in. Our bodies and bikes are holding up very well. The boys are more homesick than the parents. You wouldn’t believe how much they miss school. Feel free to pass on the blog to any of the cycle or school crew. Always appreciate the comments. Cheers, Allister

  2. Hi guys! I hope you are enjoying Kep. De has the worst day really. After we left we realised my bike computer, Camilas tail light and her paper spray were also stolen. I sincerely hope the thief thought it was deodorant.
    We are 50 kms away of Phnom Penh on a village, we tried to get a welder to fix Camilas rack and he didn’t only make the little issue a big one, but he also broke a spoke! I would replace it but if I need to take the tube off and I don’t have a pump to put it back in!
    Anyways, I am meeting n American friend I haven’t seen in 9 years tomorrow in the city so I hope things will pick up from now.

    1. So sorry to hear that. It is such a horrible feeling when someone steals from you. It sounds like you went a fair distance today. Nice tail wind? Hopefully we catch up with you in Phnom Penh.

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