Nearly 90

When ever I pass one of these tractors, I feel like someone left half of it at home. They putt along the roads going about 20km/h. They sound like a diesel generator on wheels. 

Huge day. Nearly 90km. We are all tired with saddle soreness but feeling content with the distance we covered.  

We headed out this morning with a vague destination but due to the heat out on the open road we had two long stops in the middle of the day.  This meant that by the time we got back on the road at 4pm it was starting to cool down. The boys decided that they wanted to push on as far as we could.  We reached the 70km mark and started looking for accommodation.  We discovered that the next guesthouse was nearly 20km away. There was no option but to get back on the bikes and push on. We arrived at sunset and Robert and Patrick collapsed onto the beds. Allister and I went out looking for dinner.  

The options for dinner were not great.  Deep fried frogs, cockroaches or mealworms. 

We eventually found a lady selling bread.  She indicated that we should try these long thin bagettes. I thought it was just going to be bread but had a pleasant surprise when I broke one in half.  It was filled with sweet shredded pork. Yum. 

Heading on to Phnom Penh tomorrow. 

One thought on “Nearly 90”

  1. What an enormous effort, well achieved. And what meal options, did you at least taste?? Big city life today and many choices.

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