Day 59 – Siem Reap

Checking out Siem Reap today. First stop was to the Angkor Wat Ticket Office. Tickets used to be sold as you entered the Angkor area, but now you have to get to the ticket office 3kms in the middle of no where. Tickets are free if you are under twelve or full price for twelve and over. Thought we may able to save $USD62 by making Robert a year younger, but they require a passport for proof of age, so no getting away with it.

We then proceeded to the Angkor National Museum to get history of Angkor Wat and the Khmer people. It was very professionally put together museum and there were many exhibitions that went into detail about all things Khmer and the Angkor area. It is amazing to think that Angkor area at its peak was the largest urban agglomeration of people until the industrial revolution and that all of its buildings use far more stone than all of the Egyptian structures combined.

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