Taipei – expect the unexpected 

I actually had no expectations of Taipei except that it would be cooler and more livable than Cambodia. After walking around Taipei today, it maybe a little premature to say this but, I think that it is my favorite South East Asian city. We are staying in the older section of central downtown Taipei.  There are lots of alleyways, restaurants and little interesting shops, selling all sorts of strange things. Look closely at the table of toys in this photo. Sex ed covered again. 

This was not the only penis we saw today.  Must be a popular thing in Taiwan.  

We walked through the museum park and the boys were delighted to find friendly squirrels.  (Thinking of you Keir).

Rebuilt the bikes down an alleyway near our apartment. 

After looking at accommodation costs in Taiwan, we decided to go shopping for camping gear so that we can sleep every second night in a tent. We decided on ‘minimum’ camping so we have bought a four man tent, three mats that cover the entire floor space and blow up pillows (luxury item). We have sarongs for sheets but we found out today that there is a monsoon coming so we may need a blanket. 

We came across this three seater folding bike while out shopping.  Classic. 

Back on the road tomorrow.  

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