Day 64 – Zhuwei Fishing Port to Hsinchu City

The gods weren’t smiling on us today, more like crying on us instead. The weather brought us back down to earth after an amazing day yesterday. The rain started in the middle of the night and pretty much kept going until lunch. We were glad the tent held up well and kept most of the rain out. Being close to the international airport combined with the wind and rain, and our first night in the tent, none of us got much sleep.

We rode south down the coast, but the conditions were cold and blustery, so we headed inland.

The route took us through many rice paddies and we got to see a machine planting rice. Below was an interesting temple with dragons that caught our eye.

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3 thoughts on “Day 64 – Zhuwei Fishing Port to Hsinchu City”

  1. Certainly back to reality. Glad the tent kept you dry. Fancy some mashed potatoes for a change from rice ?? Over with Will and Sasha off to Heide art gallery just nearby.

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