Sorry about not blogging for a few days but I think I have been in shock, in more ways than one. Firstly the temperature difference has been shocking.  We have been in 30 to 35 degrees for nearly 3 months and two days after we arrived in Taipei a monsoon hit. The temperature dropped to a max of 15 degrees.  Yesterday it rained pretty much all day. We were so cold we purchased these chemical heat pads to stick in Patrick’s pockets to keep him warm. Last night we stayed in a guest house,  rather than camp, so that we could dry out. 

The second shock has been the environment. We have been in developing countries for 3 months and now we are surrounded by flashing lights, cars, concrete, overpasses, shops, restaurants, multistorey buildings, wind turbines as far as we eye can see and noise, noise and more noise. 

I think it has been hard for my brain to process the change.  That and the fact that the first night in the tent I was so cold that I didn’t sleep. 

Today we had a much better day than yesterday.  30 km hr tail winds and only a sprinkle of rain. We had some good laughs too. We saw a pig in a pink dress being walked on a leash like a dog. We stopped for lunch and Allister ordered fried chicken. Something got lost in the translation because we ended up with fried tripe. Yuck. I would rather eat fried crickets. 

We have also been impressed with the Taiwanese use of space. Under their freeways they have playgrounds, basketball courts, rice paddy’s and it seems like the entire west coast in lined with wind turbines. 

We had originally thought to cycle down the East Coast clockwise but we met another cyclist who advised us to cycle anticlockwise because then you have a view of the sea the entire way. (Keeping in mind they drive on the right side). We are cycling on highway 61 which amazingly seems to have a bike lane the entire way around the island.  All 1000 km of it. 

More photos tomorrow.  Off to sleep now.  

3 thoughts on “Shocked”

  1. Enjoying your thoughts on shocks. Spent a good weekend with Will & Sasha and now with Sue Holliday . For two nights then back to Matt. Friday with Helen & Bruce in Docklands.

  2. Hi, Julie, (I’m one of the Taiwan warmshower hosts) Taiwanese usually have an old proverb ‘Spring makes you feel stepmom’s emotions’ 30C day and 18C night is quite common. Keep warm and dry. Have lots of water and fruit (contain Vita-C) to keep flu away. Hope you enjoy Taiwan and please forget about that wried se x ed toy on street (so embarrassing, I never see them before). And if it is weekend, when you pass any elementry school, if the door is open they usually welcome you in. Sometimes you can camp inside. Most of the time, boys could play on playground there and you can have a quiet place to take rest. West coast line to me isn’t the best scenic route, when you go to east coast, everything is very different. (including the fresh air) I’m sure you will enjoy it. By the way, if you boys are railway fans, you are quite close to Taiwan’s largest roundhouse (search taiwan roundhouse), if they both love huge circular slide, you soon close to Ten Drum Culture Village in Tainan. That is the place I recommand all family to enjoy with. (need ticket, offer giant curcular slide to adult and kids).

    Have a nice trip.

    1. Hi Flora,
      Thanks for your comments. I will check out your suggestions.
      We thought the sex toy was hilarious.
      Thanks again.

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