Making new friends 

Waking up this morning on the running track of Wucheng Elementary School, I did not expect to have such a event packed day. After packing up our camp gear and bikes we were invited to have tea with the principal of the school.  Black tea originates from this area of Taiwan, so it is a huge part of their culture.  The boys were then invited to do morning fitness with the kids.  It involed churling, hoolahooping and soccer.  

We were then told that the Tour de Taiwan was passing through Yuchi this morning.  We all headed down to the main street to cheer the cyclists on. 

There was around 100 cyclist competing. It was great to see.  

We then all walked back to the school for a group photo. 

The boys really enjoyed playing for most of the morning and we only had a short up hill (8km). To get to our hotel on Sun Moon Lake. 

We were planning on cycling around the lake today but have decided to do that tomorrow as we are all tired from yesterday’s epic ride. As you can see from the photo, Sun Moon Lake is really beautiful.  Tomorrow should be lovely. 

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