Day 73 – Tainan City to Kaohsiung City

Early morning start because a large group of people mingled just outside our tent before the start to their Tai chi class at 5:30am.

The ride today was between two large cities, so mostly on highway and very built up. However, there were a few highlights. The first stop was via the Tainan Metro Park. There was an amazing looking playground, but it was closed for maintenance.

The Tainan Metro Park has the Chi Mei Museum as part of the precinct. It is a privately funded museum with amazing collections and exhibitions from all reviews. However, being a public holiday it was very packed and the security wouldn’t let us park our bikes somewhere safe, so we decided to give it a miss. As you can see below the building is very stately and impressive.

The highway between the two cities is a popular cycle way because it has very wide cycle lanes. We chatted to the below cyclists for more than 10kms. Philip, the guy in red below, is a keen cyclist who has lived in the US, so spoke perfect English. He has a young family and is keen to get them all involved, so was keen to hear about our experiences. In return he gave great insights and knowledge of the local area.

Coming into Koahsiung City there were some impressive temples and buildings. Below Paddy is showing off the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas.

The Kaohsiung City is made for cycling with over 200 pubic bike rental stations around the city, which are free to rent for the first 30 minutes. All main roads have a cycle lane on the road and on the foot path. Even the street lights have been created for cyclists as you can see below.

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2 thoughts on “Day 73 – Tainan City to Kaohsiung City”

  1. It was my pleasure meeting you guys! You are so inspirational and it also has really motivated me to take my family out on bikes.

    1. Great to get your comments and having the pleasure to ride with you. Definitely recommend cycling for families. The best tag along we used was the weehoo – It is fully adjustable, so can take kids from one year olds to ten year olds. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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