Day 74 – Kaohsiung City

Started the day getting the tandems out of storage under the hotel. Access was via a thin alleyway, only just wide enough for the handlebars. Even though we rode all around Kaohsiung on our rest days we didn’t need the tandems because the public rental bikes were so good and free for the first 30 minutes. 

The boys loved having the freedom of their own bike’s that they began today’s ride with the rental bikes. You can drop the bikes at any of over 200 bike stations,  so we found one further along our route. 

The below photo has been cropped from the above photo. Check out the English translation on the sign. I don’t think it helps sell the product.

During the ride out of Kaohsiung we decided to catch the train to the east coast rather than continuing south. However, the train that takes bikes wasn’t leaving until 5pm, so Robert and I headed to an outdoor climbing location near the coast. A great way to spend the afternoon in a place with hundreds of different climbs. Without climbing gear we weren’t able to take full advantage of them, but had a great time bouldering. 

We weren’t the only cyclists taking advantage of the train. The cargo carriage was full of bikes. I got distracted talking to all the other cyclists so I forgot to take a picture. Would have been a great shot, because they were all jammed in together fully laden with panniers. It was great not having to adjust the bikes or even having to unpack them, just ride up and put them on.

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  1. What a great variety of experiences you are all having. I have come by ferry on very calm seas to stay with Helen and Mark. They have a busy few days so I am making quince jelly and walking with Jazz. Some reading soon I hope.

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