Surrounded by mountains

We reluctantly left our B and B this morning. The hot springs were so nice on our tired muscles but we soon forgot about the springs as we rode further into the rift valley. We were literally surrounded by stunning mountains. A thunderstorm was threatening but likely it swept around us all day and we only got a little wet.

The boys decided to explore the river which, as you can see, is very low at the moment. The water was lukewarm due to so many hot springs draining into it. As Taiwan is on a fault line there are over 150 hot springs running the full length of the Island.

As you can see, we are not completely crazy, we did get Robert to keep his helmet on in the fast flowing water.

The scenery was just breathtaking at times today. We stopped for a lot of photos that just do not do the beauty of this place justice.

We are staying in our first ‘paid for’ camp site tonight. We have showers, filtered water, an undercover camp site and mountains for $400 NTD ($15 AUD). In the photo you can see the threatening clouds and understand why we chose an undercover site.

Robert is also getting very good at Diablo or cheling, as it is called here. He has dreams of busking in Denmark.

We also picked up a hitch hiker today. Pikachu needed a lift to the closest 7eleven. The roads were so quiet, Robert rode as captain for a while.

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