Day 77 – Luoshan to Rueisuei

Easy ride today. Downhill most of the way with a strong tailwind and a relatively short distance to cover. At one point we were going so fast and enjoying ourselves we missed a turn off. We realised how good we had it when we had to turn around and head back up into a headwind.

We had one scary incident. Paddy and I were heading down a hill going over 30 kms per hour when the rear tyre blew out. We fishtailed a little, but I was able to bring the bike safely to a stop. Glad it didn’t happen when we were going really fast because it was hard enough to control at the speed we were doing. Anyhow, with our combined experience and having a spare tyre and tube, we were back on the road in no time.

We were able to keep of the main roads most of the day and even rode on some amazing dedicated bike paths not in GoogleMaps. The scenery is breathtaking. Below are a few shots of our progress.

The last few days Robert has been really keen to go for a swim in a river, but the conditions have not been right. Either the river has been too shallow or inaccessible. Today, near the end of the ride we came across a good location where some local fishermen had just pulled up. They proceeded to cross the river with nets, goggles and a gigi, so we followed. Robert and Patrick impressed the fishermen with their swimming ability against a strong current. The boys ended up having more fun in the mud than anything else.

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One thought on “Day 77 – Luoshan to Rueisuei”

  1. Strong boys, mud good for healthy skin too. Glad to read you are on top of tyre blowouts. Two after so many kms and different surfaces isn’t too bad, but if same issue good to report to save others and you all next time!
    Enjoying the beautiful scenery. Rough cold wet windy weather here over this weekend and today for Helen and Nellies birthdays. Going swimming inside instead of her usual ride.

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