Second flat

Speeding down an open road, the last thing you want is a blowout.  Luckily this time it was Allister’s bike and he handled it well. And before you ask, yes I am getting in touch with Schwalbe, Marathon plus should last 10000km + and as you can see the wall of the tire has failed both times. 

Allister and I worked well together to get the tire changed quickly, luckily we still had the spare tire from my blowout.  Allister was very diplomatic when I was removing the tire by saying “let me know when you have had enough and I will do it for you.” Needless to say I did it without “having enough”. 

The boys had some fun yesterday afternoon by dinking on the back rack of Allister’s bike for a while and today the temptation of swimming in the river was too great. The locals were concerned because nobody swims in the river. 

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