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beyblades 3

Early in the morning today, me and Patrick decided to get up early to do some beyblades. It is so much fun because we have so many now.

We also got a Beyblade Arena. It is yellow and much stronger than all the other ones that we keep breaking.

When we were nearing our hotel we noticed a store that sold beyblades. We begged mom to see how much money they would be, eventually she let us and they were cheap enough, so we bought them.

But Patrick’s one was dodgy and broke in half.
P.S. if 5 people comment with a ūüôā I will continue the Beyblade series.

Beyblades 2!

This is an update on Beyblades 1. Whenever we have a rest day Patrick and I go looking for Beyblades. If we do find some, Mum will only get them if we bargain for them. It hard to get them.

Patrick and I have 5 each now. We have so many they don’t all fit in the arena any more. We have to makeshift with things we find in the places we are staying because we don’t have one of out on.

God Dog!

When we started the day, we thought it was going to be easy to get to the hotel. It wasn’t, we had to back track through the jungle and lift the bike over a train track. It was very hard.

When we finally thought it was over, we had to cross over a bridge that was not there. We were so up set it was gone! So we started looking for a way across. Then we noticed that there was a dog on an island. When it saw us it, was so scared of us that it ran on water to the other side if the river. That meant that we could wade our way across. We new what to do!

The Beach!

Today we went to the beach, it was a lot of fun. We played in the waves for a while. First Patrick got tired and got out of the water and sat with mum. So dad and I went a little further out the back. Then we came back  in  as well.

In Asia the water is a lot warmer than back home. I reckon it is better warm, so does my  family. In the town we are staying in, a lot of people ride bikes like us. It is cool to see everyone riding bikes. There is also a lot of tourists where we are staying. I reckon it is because we are so close to a city called Hua Hin.

The hard day!

We are all very relieved that the day is finely over. It was an extremely hard  day. We had a head wind, it sucked. It was not just a head wind it was all so very hilly.

When we arrived at the town, finely. It took forever to find somewhere to stay for the night and then we had to back track 1km up a hill.


When we first entered Thailand, me and Patty got some beyblades. They were great fun but they got damaged. So we needed to get some new ones. Today we got some really cool new ones that are really fun and we found the perfect tray to play with them in.

The dog.

This story begins when we were halfway through the day. We were passing a house with an old lady sitting outside weaving a basket. The house behind her was on stilts and dogs were playing underneath the house. Until they saw us! They bolted out from underneath the house and sprinted for us. Patrick started swearing his head off and Dad pushed as hard as he could. They flew off in front of us. They left me and Mum for ¬†dog meat. So I got out my foot and kicked one of them in the head. They all retreated after that. I thought it was quite fun, but Mum didn’t.

New shirt!

When we stayed in Krabi I realized I needed a new shirt. So we went out shopping, at first all we could find was ones with beer labels. But eventually we found a good one. I didn’t really like it but mom did, so we bought it. It Only costed $3. It had the words (will it be easy, nope, worth it, absolutely) on it.