beyblades 3

Early in the morning today, me and Patrick decided to get up early to do some beyblades. It is so much fun because we have so many now.

We also got a Beyblade Arena. It is yellow and much stronger than all the other ones that we keep breaking.

When we were nearing our hotel we noticed a store that sold beyblades. We begged mom to see how much money they would be, eventually she let us and they were cheap enough, so we bought them.

But Patrick’s one was dodgy and broke in half.
P.S. if 5 people comment with a 🙂 I will continue the Beyblade series.

10 thoughts on “beyblades 3”

  1. Hey Robert, can you try and get better focused photos of the beblades please? And can you try to explain to me how you play a game with them? Also if I comment another 🙂 does that count as two?

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