Day 19 – George Town to Balik Pulau

We broke the day into two halves. First half was leaving George Town via the northern coastal road. Once we got past the built up area the coastal road was very scenic, winding around the bays. We stopped at an adventure theme park called ‘Escape’, just after turning in land. Thought we would spend a couple of hours to lunch, but had so much fun six hours later thought we better complete the second half of our journey. 

The second half was one big hill. It was our first significant climb of the tour. Basically up hill for 8km, then down hill for 7km. An amazing ride through jungle mountain pass that I would recommend to any touring cyclists. 

After having 10 very active hours we were all scattered when we arrived at our accommodation. 

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2 thoughts on “Day 19 – George Town to Balik Pulau”

  1. Big day all round especially big hill and down at what speed? Denmark markets and lunch at Ajar. More unpacking today.

    1. Downhill speeds weren’t too high because the road was so windy. It was hard to go above 40kph before having to slow down.

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