Long time no WiFi.

There has been a few days gap between posts because of the poor Internet where we were staying. 

We spent two nights in Georgetown because of the beautiful accommodation that we booked.  We planned on only staying one night but we had a 4 bedroom apartment with pool, sauna, spa and bathtub all to ourselves for $70aud so we stayed another night. 

Allister and Robert met a lovely chinese couple on our second day and we ended up going out to dinner with them.  They took us to their favorite restaurant where they ordered garlic pork soup for us. It was good but a little too fatty for my taste. 

We cycled on the next day, heading to the other side of Penang Island.  If you have ever been there you would know how mountainous it is.  We had a 10km uphill during the 40km day. It was hard work but really beautiful.  On the way to the other side of the Island we discovered an adventure park called Escape.  It was a high ropes park with all sorts of activities to do. We decided to give it a go. We expected to spend about 3 hours there but in the end we were there for 5 hours. It was great fun but exhausting. 


In a place called Titi Teris we stayed in a ‘warm showers’ house.  There were 3 other cyclists staying so we had the opportunity to socialize with like-minded people who didn’t think we were crazy.  

We left there this morning and have just completed the 10km uphill to get over the mountain again. We stopped along the way to see the butterfly park. It was the best butterfly park I have ever been to.  It was really amazing and informative.  We were allowed to glue the crysalids onto the hatching poles with the breeding program staff. The kids really enjoyed it.  Science class covered again.

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  1. The other cyclist were from Italy, France and Brazil. The Italian guy was by himself and we have invited him to come to Denmark if he ever gets to Australia.

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