Day 28 – Emerald Pool to Krabi

After yesterday’s adventure today’s ride was very uneventful and tame. As we left Emerald Pool we had a great downhill ride back to the highway. One downhill we got to 50kph without pedaling. 

The highway to Krabi was busy and built up the closer we got. The roads are generally in very good condition and the highways have a shoulder wider enough that we can ride side by side. 

We had a break at the entrance of an elephant hospital. 

While riding into Krabi we were searching for a good bike store, because I broke a spoke while pushing the bike through a jungle track yesterday. Saw a couple of bike stores and was about to head off to one after settling in to the guesthouse. However, the Amazing Julie offered to fix it herself. The bicycle maintenance course she completed 15 years ago has paid dividends many times. Within 20 minutes the old spoke was removed and new put in. Wheel back to good as new. See the broken spoke below and pick the new spoke by the shiny end. 

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