First stack

Had a much better day today.  We left Surat Thani behind us and headed East to the Donsak ferry terminal 62km away. We had a dead line of 1.30pm because we had to catch the ferry.  The road was ok until we reach a long stretch with heaps of pot holes.  Now these were not your average pot holes. I was worried that if Paddy fell in one we would never see him again. 

We were weaving our way through the potholes quite well until I took one too close and plowed my front wheel into deep loose gravel. My front wheel made it through and I thought I was going to make it but then my back wheel slipped and I went down hard. Robert jumped off like a frog so he was ok. I was not as agile and ended up on the road. I have some great scrapes and bruises on my left hand side especially my elbow, hip and knee. 

We ended up  making it with time to spare. We had a really smooth ferry ride to Koh Samui and found our quiet hotel tucked away off the main street.  We are all safe and sound.  

4 thoughts on “First stack”

  1. Glad you survived the damage and made the ferry. And the bike?? Paint gone?
    Lovely birthday lunch at Yilgarnia today.

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