Murphys Law.

We had one of those days yesterday where everything went wrong.  It all started early in the morning when one of us broke the golden rule of ‘don’t trust a fart if you have gastro’. Allister was not the only one to eat the pork but he ate the most so the effects hit him first. I will not tell you who broke the rule. 

As we were cycling away from our lovely accommodation Robert started to get ‘bent over double’ stomach cramps. Not pleasant while cycling. He was in pain but said he could go on. 

Allister and I debated which road to take and in the end we went with his choice. The road was fine at first but it became narrower and busier as we progressed. We realised that we were on the main rubber plantation truck route. If you have read Patrick’s post you would know that it stinks.

We stopped after about 15km for a break and that was when we realised that we had left our cheese, yogurt and juice in the fridge back at the homestay. 

Allister pulled his phone out of the back pocket of his jersey to discover that his sweat had finally got into the phone and it had stopped working. 

For the first time in the trip I was leading the way because Allister was so fatigued by the gastro. 

We stopped again at about the 25km mark. We had planned on cycling 60+km but it was hot, smelly, with big trucks on the road and both Robert and Allister were sick. Nobody was enjoying themselves.  A young guy was also at the shop that we stopped at. He was driving a twincab ute.  I asked him if he could drive us to the next decent size town, Surat Thani,  he agreed.  We piled the bikes and panniers in the ute and climbed aboard.  Robert fell asleep within seconds.  

Our driver dropped us off near to our hotel and we cycled the last few kms. When we arrived Robert realized that he did not have his mobile phone and he must have left it in the ute. With absolutely no way of contacting the driver we sadly realize that it was gone for good.  

Once we had showered Allister decided to get back on the bike to cycle to a Samsung repair place. He cycled 8km in the rain to discover that Google had sent him on a wild goose chase.  There was no samsung repair shop. 

When he got back it was getting dark and we hadn’t eaten in ages. We decided to walk to a shopping Centre that we could see in the distance.  As we were walking along we noticed that nothing was open. This is really unusual in Asia. Shops stay open late. When we finally turned the last corner to the shopping center we discovered that it was a home renovation display centre.  No restaurants in sight. 

We walked back to our hotel and found a small place that was closing up. We convinced the lady to feed us. She had pretty much nothing left but she agreed. She scrapped together some noodles and made a pad thai. We were very thankful. 

We all went to bed hoping that tomorrow would be a better day. 

Sorry no photos.  None of us were in the mood.  

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