Day 35 – Surat Thani to Tha Chana

Back to riding north again. You don’t realise how much more you enjoy riding north than the other points of the compass until we had a few days not riding north. Most of the trip we have been riding north, but the last few days we rode the other directions. Having the sun behind you rather than in your eyes makes a huge difference. Also, having the shade of the trees coming across the road also makes it much cooler.

Main highlights today were the river crossings. See below for an example.

If you look closely at the photo below you will see a monkey amongst the coconuts. In Thailand they train the monkeys to collect fruit high in the trees for their trainers. Just to the right of the boys is a man holding on to a rope that is attached to the monkey. The boys were fascinated by the monkey collecting coconuts and watched for about 10 minutes. I think the man was happy when we left because I think we were distracting the monkey from its work.

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