Monkeys, prawns and pigs.

While we were traveling through Malaysia we saw plenty of wild monkeys but as soon as we crossed the border into Thailand we have not seen any. The boys have come up with two theories. 

  1. They are on the menu at most restaurant in Thailand as “meat” ie Pad Thai with chicken, prawn or meat.
  2. The electrical power lines are so dodgy that as soon as they cross the border and climb a power pole they get electrocuted. 

I am not sure if either of these theories is correct but there is a definite lack of wild monkeys. 

While we were on Samui we did ride past a monkey training center.  We originally thought that the monkeys were being trained to entertain humans, so we avoided the training centre, but we have since discovered that they are trained to work in the coconut plantations. They are kept by the plantation owner as pets like farm dogs in Australia.  They are trained to climb up the coconut palm and drop the ripe coconuts down. We saw one working today.  If you look closely at the photo you can see him looking back at me.

Lovely ride today on a coastal road.  There were many river crossings today and plenty of prawn farms. The boys won’t eat the prawns in asia because someone told them that they are fed human poo. I am not sure about this either but I did remind the boys that pigs eat any poo they can get (human, their siblings or their own) and the boys are both happy to eat pork, ham and bacon. 

2 thoughts on “Monkeys, prawns and pigs.”

  1. I’m enjoying looking at your blog from time to time. What great experiences for you all, the good and the bad ūüėČ

    You are not missing much here, same ol’

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. It wouldn’t be as good without the bad, or as memorable.

      Do me a favour and call into the CoderDojo sometime if you get the chance (contact James or Petra). We are wanting to do something with the group for the Brave New Works later in the year and your work with the sand printer was an inspiration that the kids would learn from.

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