Day 37 – Pak Nam Lang Suan to Sawi

After two longer days the family was feeling like a shorter day. Riding away from the coast meant that it was harder going today, so felt longer than 40km. As soon as you move from the coast there are more hills and it is much hotter. Also, the tracks are more likely to be in worse condition.

The photo below shows the start of a great downhill that is about 2kms. The only problem was that Google Maps thought it was a better way to go and didn’t realise that the through road was through a fishing college. Julie explains in more detail. It is not the first time that Google Maps has thought an education facility was a through road only to lead to a locked gate at the other end.

The river crossings are spectacular in this section of Thailand and a good spot to have a quick break to take in all the scenery.


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