Fun times

We reached the east coast of the gulf of Thailand a day or two ago. We stayed in a beach side hotel with a restaurant 200m down the beach.  Robert and Allister cycled the tandems along the road while Patrick and I walked along the beach. A gaggle of women saw Patrick and decided that they all wanted ‘selfies’ with him. They only used two English words, cute and selfie. They laughed and carried on like he was Justin Beber. 

Thailand has had so much rain that storm water had washed these coconut trees into the sea.

On a very quiet road at about 7 at night we allowed the boys to ride back to our hotel from dinner.  As you can see, they thought it was great fun. Robert is only 4cm shorter than me now.

At a drink stop one morning we had a bunch of locals give Patrick a watermelon.  He was very happy about the gift until it came time to eat it when he remembered that he doesn’t like watermelon. 

Riding along a quiet beach road in the middle of nowhere we came across this kangaroo. Very strange. 

Last night we ate pad thai beside the beach. Allister met the cook earlier in the day at the laundry. We would not have known about the beach market if it wasn’t for Allister chatting. 

On one of Allister’s ‘short cuts’ we cycled down a large gravel hill, then turned left into the fisheries college. When we reached the far side of the campus we were stopped by this gate which was padlocked.  We debated what to do.

  1. Go back up the steep gravel hill. 
  2. Lift the bikes over the gate. 
  3. Lift the bags and boys over the gate and Allister and I cycling back and around.  

We chose number three but while the boys were climbing over the gate, a lovely guy walked over from a small wooden shack and unlocked the gate for us. We could tell by the look on his face that he thought we were crazy. He is not the only one. 

Because we are so remote, everything is so clean. The water in this river was blue.  I was even tempted to go for a swim. 

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