We did something crazy yesterday.  

We hired a car!

Only for the day. It was really strange getting back into a car again after so many weeks cycling.  The boys were great for about an hour of driving  and then they started bickering. I could feel Allister’s blood pressure going up and I turned into a navigation witch with a ‘b’. It wasn’t all bad but it definitely made me realise how much stress we live with in our lives. Driving on unknown roads with kids in the car is stressful. I am loving the simplicity of our cycling days. Very low stress. My only stress at the moment is wondering how long Patrick can live on cucumber and white rice. 

We visited a bunch of places but I have photos of a really tall gold person, a cave with bells and a lookout with 6 monkeys one of them being a silver back. 

I know it’s Buddha. 

We stayed in a recycled shipping container hotel last night. Very cool. If you ever get to Chumphon you have to stay there. There was also a rev of bikers staying at the hotel.  When they realised we were cycling they offered us WD40 for our chain and wished us luck. I got the feeling they thought we were crazy. 

Today has been a hard 57km day. We had relentless 20 knot head winds the entire way. We made it, but there was some frayed nerves by the time we reached our accommodation.  You can see in the next photo how rough the water is in the gulf of Thailand and how much the coconut palms are being blown.  

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