Day 39 – Chumphon to Pak Klang

Hard day’s ride into a strong headwind today and our first all day headwind of the trip. On our rest day we were going to do a cruise and snorkel four local Chumphon Islands. However, when we tried to book the trip it had been cancelled because of strong winds. In the photo below you can see waves breaking. It is the first time in our trip that we have seen breaking waves, the water has been dead flat up until yesterday. So we were glad not to be on a boat in those conditions.

It was a hard slog all day, with plenty of hills on top of the headwind. To give an indication on how strong the wind was, we normally go about 50kph down a good hill. Today, going down a wind tunnel hill, we struggled to get over 15kph, which included strenuous pedalling.

I said to the boys that once we have completed 40kms they can choose the lunch stop. At 40.01km they picked the place below. Not their normal choice, but the food was good. However, the food was too spicy for the boys, so they only ate plain noodles, boiled eggs and fresh vegetables – a good healthy lunch.

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